K9 - Version 1.28 is a POP email filtering application
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K9 - Version 1.28 is a POP email filtering application that works with your email program.
It automatically classifies incoming emails as spam (junk email) or non-spam without you having to specify dozens of rules or download updates, by using intelligent statistical analysis.

K9 does not support webmail like Hotmail or AOL. It doesn´t support SSL or secure authentication, either.

The program acts as a pop mail server, taking for it the address Then it changes the POP server configuration of your email accounts in Outlook, to that address.

Each time you retrieve your emails, K9 will retrieve the message from your email server. Using their filters, it will classify the incoming messages as spam or not spam.

Outlook Express will retrieve the messages from K9 server al, NOT the real POP server. So, you will only receive the messages marked as NOT SPAM in K9 in your Outlook Express tray.

You will be able to read the messages classifieds as SPAM directly in K9. You will be able to mark them as NO SPAM or erase them.

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